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Get to know Kinetic Cleanse Co-Founder & Head of Clinical Sciences, Dr. Taran Ohson.

Dr. Ohson began his journey at McMaster University where he earned an honors degree in Kinesiology. Through his time at McMaster, Dr. Ohson spent time working with the Vanier Cup Championship Football team, this is where his passion for manual medicine was born. Dr. Ohson attended New York Chiropractic College where he earned numerous awards including admission to the Phi Chi Omega Honors Society for his continued academic excellence. He also received the Liberio A. Violini Distinguished Service Award for dedication to service and excellence in patient evaluation and adjustive procedures.

He furthered his education at the McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture program and the Neurofunctional Sports Performance Acupuncture certificate from McMaster University. Another one of Dr. Ohson’s passion is teaching. He alongside his colleagues runs a “Rehab Mastermind” program. Furthermore, he is now a Junior instructor at the main program.

Currently, he is a consulting therapist for the Hamilton Bulldogs, Davis Cup International Tennis Team. He is also a personal consultant to NHL, AHL, OHL hockey players as well as on the ATP tour with Canadian Tennis players.

As a chiropractor in Burlington and in Hamilton, Dr. Ohson’s passion is helping you achieve your goals!

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